Meet Dr. Bridget Abraham, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist - Addison (The Nest)

Dr. Bridget received her Bachelor of Science in Health from Texas A&M University; followed by her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at The University of Texas Medical Branch. Bridget’s interest in pelvic floor PT began in undergrad when she enrolled in Women’s Health and Human Sexuality specialty courses. She recognized the lack of education, research, and expertise in a vast majority of women-specific healthcare. There, she began her path to break the stigma of open and honest conversations about sexual health/education.

Her mission as a physical therapist is to treat patients as a whole and facilitate their self-efficacy, understanding, and control. Dr. Bridget has clinical experience in outpatient/sports orthopedic PT, acute care/inpatient PT & completed her 3-month pelvic health rotation learning from the best, here, at Genesis PT & Wellness. She has completed advanced post-professional training in pelvic floor physical therapy & is Pelvic Floor 1 certified by the APTA’s Academy of Pelvic Health. Bridget is passionate about people and strives to create a space of refuge & healing for her patients. She treats all things pelvic health but is especially interested in prenatal/postpartum care, labor prep, & supporting women struggling with fertility, pelvic pain & painful intercourse. In her free time, she enjoys getting coffee with friends, spending time in the sun, & maybe singing a few songs at karaoke with the gals. 


Find her on Instagram @bridgetdpt

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