A guide from a Pelvic Health Specialist on overcoming your poop problems, bloating & pain


Corrie Maguire, PT, DPT



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Learn practical techniques from a pelvic health specialist on overcoming your poop problems, bloating & pain.

In this course, we will cover.....

  • What is and isn’t normal bowel function.
  • What are the red flags  and when should you go see your healthcare provider?
  • Learn some anatomy to help you understand why and how it all works.
  • Learn how to optimize your habits to help heal and improve your bowel function.
  • Learn interventions you can do yourself to decrease discomfort and improve your function.

Yes, We'll work through all of the above!

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  • This course is for anyone and everyone! It is not intended to replace pelvic health therapy in its role to aid in your constipation or BM dysfunction, but to bridge the gap in you being able to “help yourself” first, before more intervention is necessary. 

Included In the Digestible Course

You will learn all about:

Normal Bowel Function (what it is and what it isn't)
 Red Flags and when to go see your healthcare provider
 Anatomy (how and why does it all work)
 How to Optimize your habits to help heal and improve your bowel function
 Interventions you can do yourself!

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