Meet Dr. Lea Feghali PT, DPT

Pediatric Physical Therapist - Virtual

Dr. Lea is a Pediatric Pelvic Health And Women’s Health specialist. She holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Masters in Physical Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Physical therapy. She is also the author of The Day I Learned books!!

“Though I have worked with many women to solve their pelvic floor discomfort, I have a special passion for helping children suffering from constipation and incontinence. Much of this can be traced back to potty training and poor toilet habits. Therefore, I’ve decided to write my books and consult/help parents through the potty training process in order to prevent pelvic floor discomfort later on.” - Dr. Lea

Dr. Lea provides pediatric pelvic health consults for Genesis! From potty training struggles through the lenses of a pelvic health specialist, to pediatric pelvic floor dysfunction, Dr. Lea knows how to help!

Find her on Instagram @drleafeghali

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