Move through Motherhood (Full Program)

This program includes our Move through Pregnancy and Move through Postpartum Program!

In this program, we will.....

  • Walk you through how your body changes from the 1st trimester through the 4th trimester
  • Cover how to know when to safely progress or slow down.
  • Share resources on all things prenatal such as what to do if you are experiencing pelvic pain, how to prepare your pelvic floor for labor, review labor positions, provide breastfeeding resources, review intimacy in pregnancy, and so much more
  • Share resources on everything postpartum from scar tissue massage, mental health, breastfeeding, return to intimacy
  • Share exercises and progressions week by week
  • Offer yoga flows for each trimester
  • Share tips and tricks for proper breathing techniques
  • Additional resources based on what experienced mothers wished they would have known.
  • PLUS an optional community to share with each other and hear from us on topics and resources that are important to YOU!

And we'll work on it together! You'll have support along the way and be able to reach out directly to us!

$449.00 USD

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